December 14, 2018

Cycling bibs vs shorts

You have no idea about choosing cycling bibs or shorts when you are new to cycling sport, today, Jiele Sport would like to share with you the difference betwwen cycling bibs and shorts from three perspectives:

Overall workmanship
The cycling bibs is made with suspender while the cycling shorts is made without suspender.                                                                                                      

Price Cycling bibs price is always higher than cycling shorts.

Functional difference
The cycling shorts is easy to wear and off, but the tup band of the shorts tend to roll, sometimes It can not keep in position, It’s not that comfortable, the bibs prevent that from happening and make you feel no sense of restraint around the waist.

Compared to cycling shorts, suspender shorts are less likely to expose your back and reduce direct contact with air, especially the lower back

In sum, cycling shorts is more suit for those new amateur, It invests less but still enjoy cycling fun; Cycling bibs is more sure for those prefessional player or the people who do often riding over 5 hours.

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